The internet, also known as the web, during the course of the decades he has acquired a remarkable importance in different sectors, influenzandoli greatly. Communications, sales, marketing, advertising are some of the fields in which the internet is capable not only of being determinant to achieve a good result, but also proves indispensable for the achievement of many people or users. Almost all the companies rely on the internet to advertise their activity, by publishing online internet sites that offer to all users (or future clients) of services and products to buy. It is easy to perceive how in a little time the internet is crowded a lot, so it contain the sites with the same purpose, or even the same content; so, in this particular moment, was born the need to stand out, even managing to get a good placement within the pages with the results provided by search engines such as Google. But how is this possible? The achievement of this purpose is possible by the rules that are dictated by a discipline called Seo, which a few years ago and is serving a critical role in the design of web sites the right way. Unfortunately, however, not all of them are able to carefully assess the structure of a web page or the many variables that are put in the game to get a good visibility, for this reason was born a new type of agency that has as its sole purpose the satisfying of this need. The Seo agencies, such as the veronese Bestrank , have become very famous within the web, but above all very much in demand. In fact, thanks to their experience and technical knowledge on the world of web design, the analysis of the market and professionalism, we managed to get a professional figure able to take any website and improve it according to the rules previously mentioned, that is the Seo. The orientation of the Seo of a web page is a very important thing that all web pages must consider at some point, especially if you want to get a good positioning within the search engines (different from one another and operating according to rules and patterns, sometimes different and difficult to understand, which can confuse and frustrate a person who is not an expert in the field in question). In fact, through the modification of some parameters and the insertion of text portions and the images are suitable, it is possible to place your internet site among the first places in the pages with the results of the research made by the users, causing it to evaluate in a suitable way. Only through targeted interventions, in the respect of these rules, on the part of the Seo agencies may make to obtain a truly optimal in the long-term. And it is for this reason, the professional figure described above has become so important for companies or societies, and so the request by many in the space of a few years.