Do not miss the lectures on the history and production of chocolate held by Renato Zoia in Bologna during the THIRTEENTH edition of the Cioccoshow, the most important national festival dedicated to artisan chocolate

Welcome back Cioccoshow, the appointment bolognese with the most important national event dedicated to artisan chocolate, which has reached its thirteenth edition. Some important changes this year: first of all the duration, contracted from 5 days to 3 days, which will see the long-awaited event to take place from 17 to 19 November, and in the second place, that location, that leaves the Piazza Maggiore, to arrive in Piazza XX Settembre, close to the train station and the bus terminal.

Do not change, however, the protagonists, including the Master Pastry chef Renato Zoia, owner of the pasticceria Eporedia di Bologna and the inventor of the well-known chocolate “Bolognino”.

The Maestro Zoia, known for its delicious food and for the skill in the decoration croissant that makes each dessert a work of art, is one of the promoters of the event, and between the absolute protagonists of the Workshop of chocolate, teaching area equipped kitchen is open to the public: an opportunity for visitors to Cioccoshow to discover the history of this “food of the gods” and its processing techniques, but, above all, to its some accessible mode of preparation of the most famous delicacies made of chocolate to be able to reproduce without too much effort.

A special occasion, then, to know this product by the thousand of properties and the art of Master Pastry chef Renato Zoia, award-winning, nominated Ambassador of Italian Food in the World by the Chamber of Commerce of New York, with a large number of awards, including a Guinness world record for the currency of the biggest chocolate in the world. Renato Zoia, one of the most important master Chocolatiers at the national level and very well known also abroad – where he went to demonstrations, training courses and fact-finding missions – he loves to share his years of experience and to fall in love with gourmands and gourmets of the same delicacy that he fell in love five decades ago.

Renato Zoia is among the undisputed protagonists of the Cioccoshow, as well as founder member of theAssociation CiocchinBò, the Association of Italian master Chocolatiers. The great love of Renato Zoia, since the first years of work, it was the chocolate. A meeting that has become an extraordinary passion, which resulted in spectacular Easter eggs, chocolates of every type and with every filling, pralines, covered, up to the delights par excellence, the famous “Cake Eporedia” that has ensured the success of his pastry, thanks to the delicious sponge cake with chocolate stuffed with a mousse without the use of any type of liquor.

The feeling with the chocolate is such that the Teacher has created The Bolognino, spicy chocolate , in which the raw materials are proportioned and balanced, by transferring his invention to the references to the gastronomy of Bologna, the scents and flavors of the city, so that Bologna could boast of its chocolate. A concentrate of history and tradition, of extreme complexity in its implementation is strictly traditional in that it contains in a blend a spicy set of flavours typical of Bologna.

Of venetian origins, was born professionally in the Piedmont, but bolognese by adoption, Renato Zoia for over fifty years and devoted his life to the world of pastry. The great school of the piedmont has left an indelible mark in the style of Renato Zoia and the Master has always sought to combine the experiences gained in Ivrea, italy, with the great gastronomic tradition of Bologna, the city that saw him move for over thirty-five years ago. If Piedmont is still in the heart of the Master Pastry chef, as evidenced by the name of his pastry shop, Eporedia, the old name of Ivrea, the discovery of the bolognese gastronomy has allowed Renato Zoia amaze the audience of the capital of emilia with innovative creations and original, and of rare goodness, including, of course, the chocolate, The Bolognino.

All that remains is to enter the Laboratory of artisan chocolate to be amazed during the lessons of the Maestro Zoia.