On Monday 27 November in Sannicandro di Bari the event to celebrate the winning wines of the Roots of the South. A conference on cuisine and sustainability, and the dual proposal for the dinner

The 27 November in Sannicandro di Bari will be the day dedicated to the wines of the South and of the oils of the south who participated in the XII edition of the Roots of the South in June and the award ceremony of the best wines.
The program of the day at
17.00 in the conference on the theme of Sustainability for your pockets and health moderated by the journalist Federico De Cesare Viola. At the center of attention the relationship between health and food in the company of chefs, pizza makers, producers and industry experts. We depart from the assumption that many of the pisciottana secularand spontaneous, so widely used in our territories, they are a great remedy in terms of health and economic in addition to offering the opportunity to reinvent old dishes thus enhancing the contemporary kitchen. Will follow the awards ceremony of the best restaurants and pizzerias of edition 2018 of Roots Guides, the preview presentation of all the novelties of the edition 2018 of the Roots of the South, and the awards ceremony for the best wines of the edition 2017, with the announcement of the 4 winners: best sparkling wine, best white wine, best red wine and best red wine.
Sustainability for your pockets and health will continue with two different proposals for the dinner. In the exhibition Hall of the Castle, starting from 20 you can taste the 66 award-winning wines of the Roots, combined with the pizzas, three pizza makers from puglia: Massimo Marasco, of Pizzeria Da Massimo (Foggia), Andrea Giordano Yeast 72 (Trani) and Domenico Once the Old Gazebo (Molfetta). The price for participation is€ 15 per person.
the Sala Sveva, instead, starting from 20.30, will take place the Gala Dinner. The dishes are made by chef Nazario Biscuits of the Ancient Evenings (Hvar), Antonio Bufi de Le Giare (Bari,italy), Donato Calvi Restaurant Calvi (Altamura), and Francesco Fieschi Pastry Fieschi (Altamura), combined with the 66 wines the winners of the XII edition of the Roots of the South. The cost of the ticket is 60€ per person (very limited places).
Info and bookings: e-mail info@radicidelsud.it, tel 338 5939322

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Association Propapilla

The Association Propapilla is mainly concerned with the promotion of the territory and the valorisation of the culture of food and wine from puglia, organizing tastings, competitions, conferences and exhibitions.

With Roots in the South, in particular, want to celebrate and give visibility in Italy and abroad, gastronomy and viticulture of the south regions of Italy, highlighting the deep bond with the territory.

In addition, through the publication of three guidebooks to Pizzerias, Restaurants, and Wines each year, update and monitor the landscape enogatronomico of Puglia, Basilicata, Campania, Calabria and Sicily.