Hurry up!! And from the start, the course of the Employee to the payroll in the city of Terni, in order to satisfy the need, more and more frequently in the workplace, to prepare a professional figure capable of managing all phases of the employment relationship between the company and the individual, in close relationship with the accounting records of the company.

Volantino corso contabilità aziendale - paghe e contributi a Terni

To this end, the objective is to learn the main skills in theory, practice and techniques relating to the accounting records of the company for the payroll.

Management of payroll, processing of employee compensation, bookkeeping, payroll and injury, are just some of the skills that have a fundamental weight in the organization of the company staff, and which require to be met in the presence of qualified staff in technical and specialist.

The course may be free for unemployed thanks to the resources provided by the European Social Fund.

  • Application deadline: limited seats
  • For more information: 0744 4047707 –
  • Location: Largo Ottaviani 7, Terni
  • Course duration: 160 hours

The course of the company’s accounting for payroll and contributions will take place in Terni, at Net Logos, Professional Training centre, in largo Ottaviani 7 and releases recognised Vocational Qualification (L. 845/78)

Program of the course in corporate Accounting – Employee payroll, and contrubuti in Terni

The topics covered

  • And relationship management of internal/external communication
  • Compulsory measures of a fiscal nature, insurance and contributions
  • The calculation of the remuneration, and the keeping of books mandatory
  • Interaction with the professional resources and the organizational climate
  • Safety in the workplace
  • The evaluation of the quality of their work in the context of the provision of the service

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