In the business for 20 years, Mora srl is a company parmigiana specialized in mechanical constructions, which is mainly engaged in tools and dies for bending presses.

matrici per presseThese machines with high technological level, used for the bending of sheet metal, may be provided from time to time to different tools depending on the work to be done and the specialists of Mora srl will take to meet these professional needs, and industrial.

The experience gained in the course of the years, and the maximum attention to the quality of the finished product, both at the level of technical operation and resistance, and durability of materials make the products that come from the establishment of the Mora Mechanical engineering of reliable solutions for companies searching for the top.

In particular, the dimensioning of tools for the press brakes manufactured by the company is accurate up to a hundredth of a millimetre, to offer customers a perfect interchangeability, the efficiency of the machining and the speed of execution of the same, as well as the replacement of the dies between a job and the other.

Going to the website you can view and download the complete catalog in pdf .pdf, of all the products of the company: not only dies for bending presses, but also punches to the same machinery, tools and fold-crushes. For a direct contact with the staff, you can call the 0521 653114 or send an e-mail to