Mutual MBA, thanks to the diffusion of values co-operative, has achieved a presence throughout the national territory, which is comparable only to some of the most significant realities in Europe.

Not only capillarity and presence, but also on the substance, thanks to the more than 350,000 clients who have entrusted us with their Health.

2017 is a special year. This year, in fact, Mutual MBA turns off 10 candles: 10 years from its establishment, 10 years of mutual aid, of solidarity, of assistance. 10 years of continuous growth which has enabled us to reach numbers, and important goals, to become the Society of mutual aid health the most representative and with the highest number of the patients in all of Italy.

The history of Mutual MBA starts a few years before his birth, in the years 2005-2006, when an industry study lays the foundation for the startup of a healthcare project, that “the health project” that will materialize in 2007, with the constitution of the General Society di Mutuo Soccorso Basis Assistance, or Mutual MBA.

After the merger with Mutual Evò, Mutual 1886 and Mutual-Sardinian, in 2015 Mutual MBA has built-in the Bottom of FASV, a fund of Assolombarda, the largest association representing confindustria italy. On 20 June, also a Mutual fund Cardea has become part of the Mba. The road that runs through always Mutual Mba is this: join the Mutual Aid society, to unite the strengths of each of the mutual, with the only goal to bring health to the centre.

This year, Mutual Mba is not the only one to celebrate an important birthday: the Fund Fasv – the Healthcare Fund Notes – makes 70 years. It was formed in 1947: it was then called “Mutual fund Disease of the Industrial Association of Lombardy” and immediately had the goal of integrating the benefits provided by the National Health Service in favour of its members. This year we are celebrating as well, even 70 years of health to the financial statements. That’s why the 7010.

We plan different events to celebrate. The first appointment is for the 21st of November, at 16.30, at the Museum of the Mutuo Soccorso, in via di Santa Cornelia 9, in Formello. In the course of the conference, “Territories and Mutuality”, organized on the occasion of the “Week of the enterprise culture” promoted by Museimpresa, the association of the museums of Confindustria, the Museum of the Mortgage Relief, you will be presented with a commemorative coin of the event.

We hope to rise again, to continue our history of success. We will continue in our commitment to our clients and to all the italians that we want to choose. Our aim is the construction of the second pillar really supplementary to the National Health Service, which guarantees health and good health for all.