If you’re looking for an electrician in Milan, Rome , Bologna, Genoa, Bari, Naples, or wherever you are, you have to know where to look and what requirements must have a good electrician.

In this article we will provide you with the right information on how to find and choose the best electrician in Milan or in any other city of Italy.

The task of a good electrician is the one taking care of the installation of wiring and systems that provide energy to a house or a building. This type of work is very demanding and requires good manual skills, with cables, wiring and telephone cables.

The electrician performs his duties in the civil construction and building industry, at companies of installation and maintenance of the plant and at the shipyards of the great electrical industries.

A good electrician, a professional who knows how to do well his duty, should be aware and should know how to do the following actions:

  • read and interpret the diagram of an electrical system
  • determine wiring diagrams for new systems or existing
  • install, modify, and perform maintenance of lighting equipment
  • install, modify, and perform maintenance of switches, relays, switchboards, sensors and other control devices
  • install, examine and repair generators, alternators, and batteries of electric charge industrial
  • connect wires to fixtures
  • form of the circuits
  • perform the installation of the cables
  • check the wiring
  • connect electrical power to audio and video devices
  • connect the power supply devices and systems of climate control
  • isolate faults
  • correct wiring connections and control systems
  • knowing how to perform preventive maintenance procedures
  • test equipment
  • use equipment control (voltometri and ammeters)
  • provide solutions to problems related to the installation and design
  • ensure regulatory compliance
  • analyze, collect, calculate, and compare data
  • to prevent situations of risk

The profession ofelectrician is one of those where you have to have as main characteristic that of problem solving given that there is often a need to test systems to correct any anomalies.

In addition to this, however, it takes many other skills to have including:

  • interpersonal skills
  • communication skills
  • customer service
  • ability to work in team
  • knowing how to communicate breakdowns using technical language
  • organizational skills
  • time management
  • know how to establish priorities in the activities
  • tackle large workloads
  • be multitasking
  • ability to work under pressure
  • problem solving
  • be reliable
  • provide alternative solutions
  • be enterprising
  • want to learn the latest news in the industry
  • develop new insights into
  • have a high focus on safety
  • cost management
  • satisfy the customer
  • manual skills
  • motor coordination
  • physical strength
  • work in height

In addition to carrying out the profession of an electrician you must achieve a qualification that can be taken by attending a course at institutes and professional associations of the sector. Nowadays it is advisable to have a good knowledge of English to be able to study and get to know all the industry news and all the information that come from overseas.

Normally, all of these skills, characteristics and competencies to determine the level of professionalism of an electrician. More are the abilities and the skills he has and has acquired, in addition to years of accrued experience, the higher are the chances of having to deal with a true professional.

Today, find an electrician in Milan , or any Italian city is really simple or the traditional methods of word-of-mouth, personal knowledge, through magazines, and through newspaper advertisements or with new digital methods such as the search on the search engines (like Google, for example), or searching on the forum and the community sector.