Milan, Italy – November 13, 2017: After the release in the summer of the version 6.2 of the software MEDUSA4 CAD 2D/3D mechanical professional with a strong design automation, CAD Schroer now makes available for download the new version of the software free MEDUSA4 Personal.

2D / 3D CAD Free
MEDUSA4 Personal has gained a strong reputation among the designers, models for hobby, as well as among the professional designers in the course of the last few years. At home, people are using the CAD package free of charge on projects “do it yourself”, or to detail the designs of their projects. Schools and Universities are increasingly using MEDUSA4 Personal for teaching the use of CAD to the future designers. Thanks to the introduction of the portal eServices “pay for result”, even companies can take advantage of the free software, merely paying a small fee to convert all of the drawings that will be used commercially.

Free Download: 2D / 3D CAD

Upload the images to a transparent background
With the form MEDRaster Colour present in MEDUSA4 6.2 it is now possible to insert and edit images with transparent backgrounds on the drawings. The images can thus be better integrated into a design or be used as the background without any display of edges. The formats supported by the transparency are PNG and TIF. The module also supports all the common image formats.

Cooperation to CAD via the cloud
In MEDUSA4 Personal users can save drawings directly to the cloud and retrieve it later. If you want to share a folder with another user, you can access the user to the same data, retrieve them and work on them. The management of versions is not managed by the cloud, for this reason, it is required more communication between the team members. MEDUSA4 Personal has a direct integration with most major cloud such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive.

Free for Private Use with the Portal “Pay-For-The-Profit” for the Companies
The use of a private or non-commercial MEDUSA4 Personal is completely free of charge. Companies who wish to use the software for professional purposes can do so through the pay-for-the-result. The portal CSG eServices unlock the drawings MEDUSA4 Personal for commercial use unlimited. This means that companies must not pay for the software, but only to use the results once these are made commercial.

CSG eSERVICES Portal “Pay-For-The-Result” for Companies:

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