Prevention of the female to the Serenissima.
In the month of November 2017 at the

Study the Serenissima Via Pazin, 119 –Rome continues the month rose dedicated to the prevention of female cancers.
Female cancers, which affect the reproductive organs and breasts, in many cases you can prevent or however diagnose in early stages.
Breast cancer is the cancer most frequent in the female sex.
Despite the continuous increase in the incidence of cancer of the breast today you die less than in the past, thanks to the constant progress of medicine and screening for early diagnosis. Have been identified many risk factors such as, for example,
– age (the majority of cancers of the breast affects women over 40 years of age)
– factors – genetic, constitutional, and life-styles (editable)
A diet rich in animal fats and low in fruit and vegetables, the habit of smoking and a life of sedentary are bad habits that can be changed.

Study the Serenissima for the month of November 2017 the option with a simple appointment book a package preventing the woman with the diagnostic tests the most important:
– mammography
– visit breast
– breast ultrasound

For the ENTIRE Month of November at the

Study the Serenissima will take place in the Prevention Woman
– Mammography
– Breast Ultrasound
– Visit breast
Prevention is the well-known fundamental tool to monitor their health status and reduce the risk of developing diseases.
For this reason, according to the different age groups, each woman should undergo periodic examinations, non-invasive.
The offer is valid only in the month of November 2017, and only at the

Laboratory analysis in Rome

Laboratorio analisi Roma Study the Serenissima Via Pazin, 119-Rome
Book at 06 21 80 94 71
Laboratory analysis in Rome, Studio Serenissima Via Pazin is part of the GROUP SANEM, group of structures polispecialistiche operating in Rome for decades and are ACCREDITED WITH THE NHS for the different branches.
Highly qualified personnel, technologies and structural requirements important make these

Laboratory analysis in Rome

a point of reference rooted and appreciated in the territory.
At Studio serene republic of FKT and specialized Diagnostic you can perform, physiotherapy, imaging (Ultrasound, Ultrasound, Radiology, Mammography) as well as visits and specialized tests (allergology, andrology, angiology, cardiology, dermatology, dietetics, gynaecology, endocrinology, neurology, orthopedics, rheumatology, nose and throat specialist, urology).
At the Laboratory Analysis Bioroma Srl it is possible to perform clinical analysis of the basis, hormone assays, tumour markers, swabs, and food intolerances.
Service * WITHDRAWALS HOME free in the areas of:
Tor de Schiavi
Collatina towards via Serenissima
Villa Gordiani
Within the G. R. A
°Withdrawals home are free of charge only on the days Tuesday and Thursday and only in the indicated areas.
Agreements are also in place with major Institutions, Funds and Insurance companies.
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