– outpatient services and surgery at Villa Rizzo.
The Clinic of Obstetrics and

the Casa di Cura Villa Rizzo offers to the users a series of services, in most cases aimed at the prevention of the tumours of the sphere of female genital in the field of gynaecology, and to the discovery of anomalies-malformations of the fetus in the field of obstetrics.
Gynecology Syracuse at the Casa di Cura Villa Rizzo are active Centers for the diagnosis and treatment of the following diseases:
Diseases in breast
The pathologies of adolescence
Diseases of the lower genital tract
Endometriosis – Menopause
InfertilityGinecologia Siracusa
Pregnancy – oncological Diseases

: the surgical activity of the Center is carried out in a regime of total agreement with the SSN. The surgeries are performed in the regime of ordinary hospitalization (for hospitalization, it is sufficient to submit the Health Booklet). In order to reduce the time of hospitalization, is a service of pre-hospitalization.
Some of the measures (selected by the doctors of the Center) can be performed under Day Surgery.
Gynecology Syracuse – The surgical activity carried out at the Centre, in addition to endoscopic surgery (isteroscopica, resettoscopica, laparoscopic) also includes the traditional surgery by laparotomy and minilaparotomy.
The HYSTEROSCOPY is performed to be able to view the integrity of the cervical canal, the uterine cavity, the endometrium and the hosts tubarici and the pathology of intrauterine that may be present (sinechie, polyps, myomas, septa, neoplasms, endometrial etc).
In women not in menopause, it is preferable to perform the examination in the first days after menstruation (this is the period in which it is less annoying for the patient, the examination, and the better the vision inside the uterine cavity).
No preparation is necessary drug before and after the examination ( except for patients with certain heart diseases that must perform antibiotic prophylaxis ).
The HYSTEROSCOPY usually lasts less than 2 minutes and is not a examination painful:
normally you will feel only the discomfort crampiformi-like menstruation, which disappear usually within a few hours.
After hysteroscopy, the patient should remain lying on the cot a few minutes, then the is given and explained the answer of the exam:
the patient can then return to his home.
Sometimes, after the examination, may be present for a few days, a slight oozing of blood.

Gynecology Syracuse