The slate represents the best solution for the cladding of roofs and floors due to its characteristics of impermeability and thermal insulation, which distinguishes between the stone materials as the only one of its kind.

In addition to its properties, the peculiar aesthetic features make slate appropriate for interior and exterior spaces by the elegant and refined design: its chromaticism, in fact, allows the combination with different quality materials such as wood, brick and marble, so as to give the environments a particular style to suit your needs. Rustic, classic or modern, the slate goes with every taste in a natural way and perfectly functional.

The black slate Italian, extracted from our quarries, is also known as stone, slate, and the characteristic color is gray and is configured as one of the best stones by coating both external, such as roofs and pavements of the terraces or patios, both for the interior, also to the wall surfaces, kitchen tops and bathrooms, as it combines in a single material infinite quality: beauty, strength, durability, insulation capacity, ease of handling.

The brazilian slate because of the amazing quality of the surface and to the extraordinary range of colours, combines the aesthetic and functional characteristics typical of the stone material with the technical specifications that are extremely interesting, making it perfectly suited for a wide variety of applications both indoors and outdoors.

MNV Slate, an industry is among the most established in the industry slate area, is specialized in the production and distribution of slate but also offers different types of marble: white Carrara, calacatta, statuario marble, venatino, botticino marble, arabescato, granite and stones slabs machined to various thicknesses and made polished, aged, sandblasted or rough depending on the requests.

MNV Ardesia is a leader also in the distribution of Vratza, also called Ivory, a marble, a native of Bulgaria in neutral tones, has a surface texture uniform with a slight variation of the colour of hazelnuts. The excellent technical characteristics of Vratza, the massive availability and the variation is limited between the plates, allow the use of this material in the realization of large projects for both internal and external.

MNV Ardesia provides a complete and professional service includes: free estimate, consultation, design, supply of materials and installation.

The continuous effort in search of high-quality materials, and the development of innovative processing techniques, as well as the study of combinations in the combination of stones and attention to the finish make MNV Ardesia an important partner and reliable, capable of giving value to your spaces.