The story is ironic to a scene of everyday life as a pop with a catchy and dynamic.

Where are the lemons” is a song inspired by a classic situation in which they can meet all. Inside a shopping centre, a man tries to attract the attention of a woman with a trivial, but suggestive question which gives the start to a nice knowledge.



Lino D’avino, was born on 06/04/1969 in Pomigliano D’arco (Na) from an early age, he likes to interpret songs of success due to the resonance of the stairs of the apartment building where he grew up. The condos themselves, with their demands they had made it a sort of juke-box condominium. Over the years, begins to write songs that keeps it closed in the drawer… until his wife convinces him to take them out with the hope of becoming a simple singer-songwriter who loves the pop. His other great passion is photography (portrait names like Fabio Concato and Gino Paoli, Peppino di Capri).

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