Make a customer satisfied and happy of a hotel stay is easier and more affordable than you might think. A welcoming environment, friendly staff helpful and smiling are the winning cards that help to put at ease the guests. Very often to be sought after, in addition to the cleaning, it is a comfortable environment and a simple and also quite inexpensive, is to provide a kit inside the rooms.

Offer comfort and a warm welcome: how to meet the expectations

Whether it is a hostel or a five star hotel, small details such as a soap, a detergent, or bath linens, serving much to improve the service provided, and the image of the place. Generally, for a kit are the basic need of toilet paper, a bar of soap and a shower gel each, but, depending on the category of membership of the structure or the service that you want to propose can be extended with various accessories such as glasses, slippers, headphones, hair, robes, the most classic matches, pens and post-it, a toothbrush and toothpaste in travel size, or even a mini set for sewing.

Improve the service, taking care of the quality-price ratio

Customize your kit with the name of the structure or its initials, it can help to improve the image of the hotel, which is more sophisticated and classy. As very often happens, the client decide to take parts of the kit as I remember and in this case, customize the accessories can also be used as a means to gain publicity. The choice of these objects depends on many factors, one of which is undoubtedly the cost which must be adapted to a product that is aesthetically appealing, and in the case of detergents, also by a pleasant scent. To coincide with these aspects is in the interest of every proprietor that will be able to choose a vast selection is what most prefer.

A kit for every need

Search for a new and innovative way, to better promote the hotel and go out to meet the requests and needs of customers, is definitely an effective means the reason for which the market adapts and changes continually. What was at one time seen as an accessory, is now considered indispensable element and expand the package of the set often turns out to be an excellent marketing strategy. In order to avoid error it is necessary to identify the target clientele and the framing so the range of requests and, above all, to have a precise idea of the service you intend to offer. A structure that serves the interior of the rooms of the dispenser for the paper, for example, from an image of itself, the most modern, considered by some to be, however, more sloppy or careful to the environment by avoiding the waste incurred by using, for example, the paper fascettata that, however, has the advantage of being more aesthetically pleasant and reassuring. In the digital era offer a compelling image is key to take advantage of the “word of mouth”, be it physical or social, therefore, pamper the guest is more necessary than ever to increase sales and the popularity of the structure.