The Sapienza University of Rome, presented his project to the house of the future in the race to the Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018 Dubai
Today at 10:30 at the Microsoft House in Milan, will take place the press conference for the preview presentation of the project of the prototype home of the future ReStart4Smart of the Team of the Sapienza University of Rome, in the race to the Solar Decathlon, the Olympics of universities in sustainable architecture that, in 2018, will be hosted for the first time in the Middle East in Dubai with the participation of 21 Universities from 15 Countries of the world.

According to a revolutionary model defined Architecture 4.0, the project Wisdom aims to apply and test the tools, materials and technologies, the most advanced available today, the chain construction in order to achieve a sustainable housing that is able to respond to the many needs of efficiency, comfort, safety and economy posed by the Architecture of the XXI century. The project is supported by over 30 leading companies of the industry who, as partners, and actively participate in the initiative in order to ensure the identification of more innovative solutions and the large scale dissemination of the results that will be achieved.

On the front of the comfort the partner of choice is the Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems with its air conditioning units for brand Climaveneta. The system of the home of the future is based on a heat pump i-NRG 230v / 1/50 connected to the hydronic terminals multiplexed i-HWD2 , and a fan coil with a high prevalence of the-LIFE2 HP. i-NRG is the heat pump new generation, with a compressor, a fan, a system pump and circulator inverter, able to operate throughout the year in any operating mode, always ensuring the correct distribution of energy in accordance with the real needs of the building.

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