Comes on the radio from 17 October, the song content FREE REALLY VOL.7, the compilation in free download from the website of Rolling Stone Italy.

Oh my God! it is the cry of liberation of ZuiN, is the strength found in music to defeat the “ghosts”.

In a Milan that tends to ingoiarti, “Oh my God!” is an exhortation to rely on the strong points of a person’s life, family and friends.

The song was included FREE REALLY VOL.7, the new chapter album that collects the best individual promoted by the agency of The Speaker. The compilation is free to download from the website of Rolling Stone Italy.

Radiodate: 17 October 2017

Label: Volume!


ZuiN is a project born in may 2016 from the idea of the former frontman for the indie rock band Ninfeanera. ZuiN is born with the desire to tell stories, feelings and sensations that they spoke in first person. From the beginning for ZuiN begins a never-endig tour, guitar and voice, which leads him to play on stages such as overhead Crane, Parco Tittoni Desio, Santeria Social Club as a supporter of the artists the tip of the music scene, the independent Italian (Umberto Maria Giardini, Alessandro Fiori, Daniele Celona, The bear, etc.).

After a few months of live activity, and of intense writing begins the artistic collaboration with Claudio Cupelli, who will begin to follow ZuiN as artistic producer and co-arranger of the songs. An Italian singer , scratchy, full of pathos and emotional energy merges with modern arrangements, a strong search of sounds typical of the productions of the anglo-american. In April 2017, the final part of the Special Stage in Santeria Social Club in Milan, a form of WORKSHOPS GOOD – an association that brings music and cooking in hospitals throughout Italy, receiving the Award Social for second prize, awarded by the jury of quality , composed by Caterina Caselli, Mara Maionchi, Alberto Salerno, Fortunato Zampaglione.

Always in April, the final part of the first edition of the contest for the emerging “MEMO Live”, conceived by the Artistic Direction of the local in the person of Antonio Vandoni and Mescal, The Speaker, All Music Italy, MEI. The song “Ghosts” is part of the compilation of digital, which gathers all of the pieces in the race of the finalists of the contest and that will be produced from Mescal, and has reached the eighteenth position in the Indie Music Like, the ranking of popularity of radio and new media.

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Instagram: @zuin_zuin