Here are some gift ideas for the end of the year to offer to your customers or employees

If you are a company, an association, a municipality or a council job, find gift ideas at year-end for the customers or the employees is an important step to keep them or reward them. To facilitate your search, here are some gift ideas for the promotional of the end of the year that appeal to their intended recipients.
Touch pad, Bluetooth speakers, ornaments from pen, kitchen accessories, etc … give the gift of a promotional item in the right spirit for the end of the year.

Kitchen items

For example, a bottle of champagne with stamp and date editable, which allows you to empty the air in the bottle for a better preservation. Practical and elegant, brings a touch of glamour to your tables by party. Delivered in a transparent box.

Still a reel of advertising for the salt and pepper is the accessory of culinary perfect for any kitchen table or from the table. The reel salt and pepper is made of steel, ABS and plastic in a gift box.

Tech gifts

A platform of aluminum PowerBank® 4000 mAh battery lithium polymer battery to charge the battery the fastest of all the devices rechargeable high-technology is a great gift. QuesUn powerbank® is equipped with an on / off button and LED control of the load. Included USB cable / Micro USB. And a gift is a business design that may really delight the recipient. Delivered in a gift box. For special gifts, customized with the name of clients or employees, you can also opt for the engraving of the names.