The growth of PURE BROS MOBILE SPA continues not only from the point of view of the partnerships, customers and markets, but also in terms of new human resources.

After introducing the staff of new resources in 2015 and in 2016, the numbers of the 2017 confirm this positive trend: from January to October this year, PURE BROS MOBILE grew further in terms of new employees.

Most of the young guys that have the DNA of creativity and a desire for growth, innovation and digitalization, the pillars of the Society.

For Also Bros the millennials are, in fact, valuable resources that can tow the company, which repays the trust, every day with their enthusiasm and desire to bring new ideas in a context able to enhance them thanks to an environment that is positive and inspiring.

Well Bros offers many career opportunities to the neolaureti: the areas of insertion are for positions in IT, Marketing and back-office with, in all cases, the positions with a permanent contract.

The numbers are different with respect to today’s job market; but Also Bros has the strong desire to take the road of innovation and accepting help from guys who are determined and prepared.

Currently the company has more than 5 open positions for senior profiles that junior.

The research involves the see of Rome, which soon will join other locations in Italy and abroad (in May it was launched the business in Mexico, to strengthen the position already stable in Brazil, and then expanding the market by the end of the year in Argentina and by The Q 2018 in Colombia. See news above).

A nice business Italian fast-growing beyond their national borders.

Who is Pure Bros.

Pure Bros Mobile SpA is an Italian group leader in the integrated services for mobile operators national and international, in the development of digital services, mobile marketing, mobile applications and platforms for interactivity and Voting television telecommunications networks.

Its mission is to increase and improve the business objectives of the telco in the digital world.

Pure Bros is in the market since 2005 and since then provides the experience and expertise to producers of digital content by means of targeted strategies in mobile marketing.
Its strong point is the integration of Content Providers with all the major Telephony Operators.

Source: PURE BROS MOBILE News Room

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