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Diamonds In My Hands is the new proposal for the fall of Maria Morelli, ventiquattrennenne singer italo-Romanian, a law graduate, who made his debut recording in 2014 with the album “The Way I Feel”, which has become in his adopted country a best-seller getting to the top of the chart national. Maria made his debut as a songwriter (has written text and music), and has a production team completely renewed and coordinated by Valter Sacripanti (Nek, Loredana Bertè, Maurizio Fabrizio, Simone Cristicchi amongst others). A song from the large openings melodic, timeless and classic in its genre, but sounds very current and radio-friendly.
The great loves of music which is inspired by Mary are Amy Winehouse, Skins, Adele, but also some of his colleagues in italy such as Emma and Giorgia, of which in his evenings running different tracks. One aspect that will certainly be sottlineato in the upcoming releases.
Maria Morelli, besides Italian and Romanian, fluent in three other languages including English and Spanish, sees in Italy a test serious and challenging from which to derive the input needed to build a repertoire of really in line with the main stream international, without betraying its ancestry from the Italian, to whom he feels deeply connected.

Mary Morelli – biographical notes

Mary Morelli was born in Brasov in Transylvania and the 19th of January, 1993 from Italian father and mother Romanian. Mary has just graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Transilvania in BRASOV (RO)
At the age of 17 years began to take singing lessons in Brasov and then in Bucharest, participating almost immediately in several national and international competitions, always finishing in the leading positions.
After the release of his first album last year, has carried out an intense promotional activities by participating in numerous tv shows on major national networks. In the same period, the album is entered in the charts and the single “Never Can Say Goodbye” has got a good rotation on local radio stations and network.

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