CiocchinBò, the Association of Italian Chocolate Masters, is contrary to the change of location of the Cioccoshow for the year 2017: a shift approved by CNA Bologna but considered as highly detrimental, both in economic terms and in terms of image

It takes years to grow an event, but you need very little to put it at risk. This is the thought of CiocchinBò, the Association of Italian master Chocolatiers, espresso Tuesday, October 17, in the course of the press conference convened to announce to the media its opposition regarding the decision of the Municipality of Bologna to move the Cioccoshow. The annual appointment dedicated to the world of artisan chocolate, you will in fact no longer in the central Piazza Maggiore, but relegated to the more decentralised, Piazza XX Settembre. The bologna event, the most important of the sector at the national level, is much felt, not only by the public but also by members of the Association who participate with all their following with conviction, affection, and considerable resources. This is not a mere moment of sale, but an opportunity to meet with the public at large, and dissemination of the culture of chocolate, which, as such, deserves a showcase of the first floor as the main Square: “we are always open to dialogue , “explains Giuseppe Sartoni, President of the Association CiocchinBòas long as you find a solution that does not negatively affect the prestige of the event. We had proposed via Rizzoli, or via Independence, but we believe that Piazza XX Settembre is too decentralized and that does not create the right call to keep alive the success of the Cioccoshow, after all the efforts made to elevate it to national level and beyond”.

Also Marco Biolzi, member of ACAI, the Association of Chocolatiers Italian Artisans, agrees that the move is for the worse: “in considering Piazza XX Settembre is an area to redevelop, the Town has implicitly admitted the lesser prestige of the area, and then the adverse change of location”.

Decentralisation, one of the current year, which, moreover, does not even explain in the reason of reduction of costs, having regard to the contribution of the high and disproportionate with respect to the location, as granted: “there we explain why last year in Piazza Maggiore for five days there has been a request for a sum of about 780 euros + vat for each of the five days of exhibition, while this year the profit and loss account required amounts to 830 euro + vat for each of the three days, despite the location far less frequented and the relief from the part of the Municipality of the tax of occupation of public land which, together with the fee for the waste, which consisted of about 4000 euro for the total duration of the event,” says Antonio Schettini, President of the Association of Choco Love.

It is not only a question of money, but it is a betrayal of the relationship that has been established during these years with Bologna and its public. Suffice it to say that some of my clients contact me, even from abroad, to be able to achieve in the days of the event directly to the stand – regrets Marina Marchiori, Vice President of the Association CiocchinBò, and continues: “it is inadmissible that a decision of such magnitude has been taken without having previously consulted the proponents of the success of the event, that is, the master Chocolatiers, soul button Cioccoshow. Makes it perplexing is the fact that CNA Bologna has communicated this choice only in July, despite being aware of the change of location already from the month of February, as well as the stiffening of the same CNA, who did not oppose such a choice, nor he is made the bearer of our instances and grievances”.

The same warning also Giancarlo Maestrone (ACAI): “We are flabbergasted with the lack of support of CNA Bologna in front of a choice that seems to take the slightest account of the organizational effort of the participants, especially in a period next to Christmas which requires a dedicated production and the abandonment of its own laboratories. That’s why we no longer feel represented by the team membership, to the point that many of us have chosen of your own accord to distance itself from the National Confederation of the Craft”.

Also Schettini confirm that you want to perform the unsubscription from CNA Bologna, but another very significant is the spontaneous renunciation of two-thirds of the approximately 40 members of CiocchinBò, along with 16 companies of ACAI and 15 of Choco Love, edition 2017.

The Associations, almost in unison, not content with explanations, evasive and random in relation to the displacement of the area of the performance, that implies clearly a step back compared to previous editions, in which the city was literally invaded by more than 350,000 visitors. An important effect, not only for exhibitors, but also for the commercial activities of the historic centre, as well as those of accommodation and dining facilities, which should therefore stand at the heart of all the institutions and of the whole membership.

The next week – promises to be Sartonithere will be a meeting of the enquiry the municipal cross-examination in the presence of the CNA in Bologna, during which we’ll expose our arguments. We need to organise: we are already looking forward to next year and how you baste is already an issue 2018 worthy of the name. Our attitude will be extremely cooperative, provided that they met our needs.”

The numerous questions asked by the many reporters present suggest that the matter will have further implications in the next few weeks.