Icon of luxury, beauty and functionality, the historical collection, Rome, Rubinetterie Stella has been chosen to furnish the luxurious rooms all have a bathroom of one of the historic hotels in milan, the most prestigious: the Grand Hotel de Milan, always been a privileged residence of famous international personalities.

The history of “Milan” begins in 1863 with the construction of the building of merit, is characterized, in terms of its architecture, a style inspired by the movement of neo-gothic in vogue at the time. Among the first distinguished guests, Giuseppe Verdi decided to stay here a long time, that is, from 1872 until his death, in 1901, appreciating the elegance of the interior and the service and attention to detail. The recent restoration of the monumental parts of the site, the rationalization of the spaces and the technological and regulatory environment have brought the Grand Hotel et de Milan to its original splendour, preserving intact the old charm of a noble milanese home of the nineteenth century. In the context of this operation has found a perfect location in the prestigious and iconic series Rome, in confirmation of the appreciation that this classical proposal of Taps and the Star – a true symbol of Italian excellence in the world – gives rise to the age of ninety.