The trademark ASUS is considered to be a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of motherboards for the PC and in the creation of the monitor’s high quality; its products are suitable to meet every need and offer the alternatives of choice thanks to the wide range of monitor technology. When we have the desire to buy a good monitor, the ideal choice is to rely on experts ASUS.

The first monitor ASUS 24″

If you’re looking for a 24″ display for the living room of your house, ASUS offers a variety of interesting solutions, starting with the first monitor asus 24“, the model MK241H with a resolution of 1920×1200 points, and Full HD 1080p. This monitor contains the allocation of the inputs the appropriate (HDMI, DVI-D and D-SUB) for connecting devices such as PS3 and XBOX; a monitor technology, with the functions of adjusting the color quality and contrast, and also equipped with two stereo speaker 2 watt and two directional microphones.

The modern monitor ASUS 24″

If we want to opt for the latest models, the advice is to turn the attention towards a monitor that provides excellent quality and fluidity of the image provided by the latest technological news ASUS, the possibility of connection through the ports, Display Port, Dual link DVI-D and HDMI, and also, the included stereo speakers, 2 W. In this case the right model for you is the VG248QE with a resolution of 1920×1200. This version allows you to give a realistic effect to the image by adjusting the brightness of the backlight, and creating shades of black or the white is bright; its innovative design also, allows adjustment of the monitor tilt, height and allows for rotation so as to adapt it to all your display needs. Finally, a strength of this model is to be compatible with the 3D Vision NVIDIA, device that allows you to take advantage of the 3D technology. Finally, if you want to expand your choice ASUS offers integrated monitors feature innovative, never-seen-such as the model PA248Q, the first in the world to understand 4 USB ports; or even the version VG245HE a Gaming monitor with technology Game Fast Input, and a dedicated technology, which eliminates imperfections on the frame rate (AMD’s Free-Sync), it is also equipped with two HDMI ports to allow the connection of the game console and at the same time of another compatible device to the port; and finally, has an excellent quality version of the MG248Q that complements the action of the Game Plus and the Display Widget, a special software that will allow you to change the settings.

ASUS guarantees that the monitor technology and unique in the world at affordable prices, its strength is in the safety of a product by the optimum performance and modern design.