After the recent success of the concerts with guitarists Stef Burns, Vladimir Demyanov and Maurizio Gnola Glielmo, with whom he has shared the stage on several occasions, the bluesman Fabio fields around the city is back live for a series of dates with his FBM, to propose live on the last album, “Nightmare”, soon available also for digital download and on all streaming platforms.
It will be of scene at the Spazio Teatro 89 (Via Fratelli Zoia, 89, 20153 Milan, italy) with a concert that gives no respite, excites and entertains.

The Fabio Marza Band is comprised of Fabio fields around the city (guitar and vocals), Fabio Mellerio (bass, vocals), Max Smith (drums), Greta Bragoni (vocals). For the evening on the stage a special guest:Paolo Bonfanti.

Entered in the full artistic maturity, the leader Fabio fields around the city to guide his band in a journey made of stories – in a repertoire that ranges from country blues to rock-electric blues – keeping the sound full-bodied and distinguished, with times alternating electric to acoustic atmospheres.

In this period the band is on tour to offer live the new songs, and not only. The lineup, in addition to the songs on the last record, which includes songs from the debut album Fabio Marza Band, from thesecond albumBlackboard and from the more recent live “You Know Melive at the Maze”.

Upcoming dates: 28/10 Oleggio, Minstrel Bistro; 04/11 Cantù, 1e35 about with Gnola; 15/12 Milan, Spazio Teatro 89 with Paolo Bonfanti.

The title track of the album Nightmare, with the same title, is a thought on the difficult life of the musician, especially in areas with little curiosity and cultural openness. There are reflections on life as Don’t Leave the Way, written note to remember to never leave your own path and your own beliefs, in spite of the difficulties, or in the moving Old Proud Man, the story of an old man, tired, he gave everything in his life and who now spends his time in solitude. In the album there is space to speak of interpersonal relationships, from many facets of the relationship between man and woman The Want You Would the scream nervous Too Much Attention, which emphasizes that there are too many eyes watches us and judges too easily, passing to the addictive “Hold On”, a song inspired by those who bring light and positivity into the lives of others. There is also the classic slow blues that expresses the feelings of the immediate and the real, without words, and makes the heart beat… Beating Heart. The album also contains a cover of the beautiful song of J B Lenoir Slow Down.

The FBM is characterized, in the Italian panorama, even for the sympathy of its leader and its versatility which has led him to collaborate and share the stage with some of the most important interpreters of the Italian blues, all the Maurizio Pugno, Rudy Rotta, Maurizio Gnola Glielmo, Alex Gariazzo e Guitar Ray (Treves Blues Band), Paul Bonfanti, both of which are also present in the third album “live”.

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