Need quality products for the care of your body and improve your wellbeing?

The pharmacy of Dr. Daniel Duke in Palermo has everything you need!

You’re tired of the apathy of the pharmacists that you offer the usual products, often processed chemically, cost so much and do not satisfy your full needs? Try to visit the pharmacy of Palermo that makes the difference, for the large variety of herbal products and services that integrate those analogues.

farmacia palermoWent in Via Tommaso Natale n. 2, in Palermo, or call the 091243744 to find out the availability of products, prices and promotions.

The pharmacy of Palermo, managed by dr. Daniel Duke is the oasis of health and well-being, ensured by its team of professionals with various specializations, who manage the valid departments that are complemented by the pharmaceutical such as that of veterinary and homeopathy. But not only that! Here you will also find the cabin aesthetics, the one that is used for aesthetic treatments such as electroporation and radio frequency!

Also, if you are in search of methods refined and quick to diagnose the cause of discomfort or pain or to obtain valid results from bring it directly to the doctor, the Pharmacy, the Duke offers the possibility to perform the self-analysis of your blood, or carry out in the home test for food intolerances (EAV)!

The Pharmacy Duke expands its offer with excellent natural products, own every season and keeping pace with the evolution in the areas of herbal, pharmaceutical, dealing with the best brands also cosmetics for the care and protection of the skin.

Therefore, if six to the search of innovation and evolution of the drug or cosmetic and you want to take advantage of specific services at the forefront in the world of aesthetics and diagnostics, went in via Tommaso Natale n. 2 in Palermo and discover the benefits of a pharmacy worthy of a name so renowned!

Called the 091243744.