Photo credit: Fotoimpronte Art Studio – David Casali

Remanzacco, October 13, 2017. For fifty years, Scarbolo Zuccheri provides its customers with sweetness, with care and dedication, accompanying them from the early hours of the morning all throughout the day. It is not difficult, in fact, I find references of the company in the sachets of sugar that each day we open to enjoy our espresso at the bar, or in packs of kg that we find on the benches of the supermarket. The corporate history of Scarbolo Sugars begins in the far 1967 and today, thanks to the passion and professionalism, this reality has become a point of reference in all the North of Italy in the field of packaging and marketing of sugar. The friulian company wanted to celebrate this important milestone on Friday, 13 October 2017, rallying employees, customers, suppliers and local institutions and organising a pleasant evening in which about 200 guests were able to retrace the steps taken and the objectives achieved by the company in this five years of activity.

Eleonora Scarbolo, partner and commercial director of Scarbolo Zuccheri, recalls: “I started this adventure with my father Gino on June 1, 1967, noting a small business of wholesale trading of sugar in the vicinity of the railway station of Udine; today the scenario has changed completely: together with my brother Eugenio, his wife Daniela and our children, Lorenzo and Marilda, we moved in Remanzacco, in an area of over 3 thousand square meters, in which we have invested and continue to invest to give our customers a service that is more professional and is able to handle every year about 9 thousand tons of sugar between the bags, packaging, 1kg, 25kg, 50kg and big bag.”

Quantities that meet the more than 1,500 customers of the company in Italy and abroad – from the GDO to the roasters, the sector, I.King.Ca., the automatic distribution up to the workshops of the craftsmen – and that, together with a careful company management, allowed Scarbolo Sugars to achieve a turnover of 7 million Euros in 2016. A result that stems from both the recent investments made to increase productive capacity and to upgrade the fleet of machines, both by the commitment of its employees, to which the family Scarbolo wanted to do a tribute special.

With the aim of entering the retail market, immediately after my entrance in the company, I decided to buy the first machine for the packaging of sugar sachets. From then on, we were able to place 10 machines and a machine flexographic color printing, that allow us to work at 7.4 tonnes of sugar per day, for a total of almost 1.500.000 sachets.” – commented Eugenio Scarbolo, partner and Administrative Director and of the Production, which continues: “to Diversify the production was a far-sighted choice, in addition to make us competitive, has allowed us to achieve an important goal like the one that I am happy to celebrate today with the whole family.”

The change of route has defined a real transition from the world of commerce, thecrafts, the size that the family Scarbolo has always felt was his, and breathed within the company in every working phase. And this craftsmanship is available to all customers, which in Scarbolo Sugars are an ideal partner to provide custom packaging of all types of “sweetness” treated: caster sugar, cane, grape, glucose syrup, dextrose, maltodextrin, fructose, trehalose, inulin and many other.

No shortage of special initiatives, of which the Scarbolo Sugar is promoting or careful executor, as the much-loved series of bags “Cemût sêstu vuê?”, a simple and fun way to promote on a daily basis of the friulian language.

Marilda Scarbolo and Lorenzo Marchesan, the third generation, said: “being able To contribute to the success of the family business is both a motivational push very important. We are convinced that focus on flexibility and customization capability will allow us to continue to track a path full of satisfactions.”

During the evening, excellently conducted by Francesca Cerno, guests were able to appreciate the story of all the production phases that punctuate the everyday life in the company, also thanks to the projection of an institutional video made for the occasion. A rich dinner, with entertainment and music, concluded the commemoration event which took part also the Mayor of Remanzacco Briz, Daniela, who has expressed words of pride towards the company, excellence of the industrial fabric, local.