What are the most common mistakes that we commit in the shower? You will not believe it but some of the simplest actions that we commit every day by the shower are in fact very wrong and should not be just made to meet to our well-being.

In this infographic we wanted to tell the relationship with the shower from a new point of view and also fun: let’s discover together what are the solutions to make the shower without making a mistake ever again: the graphics and content were made by Grandform (group SFA Italia SpA), the company leader in the bathroom furnishings sector and innovative solutions in wellness and design.

The research of Grandform has allowed us to highlight bad habits (we know that you do not use a moisturizer after the shower!) and the most curious (do not neglect the cleaning of the feet!). Good journey to discover the tips for the best shower of your life!

? Below you can see the infographic Grandform: for a larger view just click on it ?

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