The slippers and hotel slippers are one of the accessories most appreciated by the guests and must have the characteristics of the shoe lightweight and comfortable.

Slippers disposable in luxury hotels

Generally, slippers, and hotel slippers are provided in hotels of a certain level to make the customer feel more at ease. Often the cases are so full that there comes no other shoe in addition to those that are indispensable for the stay outside the home, and then find the slippers comfortable and soft is certainly pleasure to the travellers who arrive tired in the room maybe after a long journey. Take off your shoes is the first thing you do when you want to relax and the comfort of the slippers, disposable hotel is central to the health of the foot and the relaxation of the whole body. Often hotels will personalize each shoe with your name and logo, because customers love portarsele on, and then it is an advertisement that is not bad.

The characteristics of the slippers ideal

The slippers and hotel slippers are disposable, but almost always the clients if they bring them home because they occupy very little space and are very comfortable. A shoe in soft cotton and snug, very slim with the raised bottom in a manner to ease the walk, and the sponge inside to dry off your feet after the shower: this is how I made the slippers and slippers and slippers for the hotel in the hotels. Being very inviting, it is rare that customers will continue to use shoes in the room, therefore have disposable slippers is also a form of hygiene for all customers and cleaning workers. With the proliferation of accommodation facilities, spa, wellness centers and whatnot, there were many companies specialized in disposable slippers of various shapes and materials, from the most economic to the most expensive. In hotels are almost always custom, cotton, outsole: EVA with paper core, and have a standard measure, in the wellness center are offered for men and women, and the only difference is the size of the shoe.

Disposable slippers, so to speak

The slippers and hotel slippers are provided in a plastic bag sealed, because it is a disposable shoe covers, at least, it should be so. In fact, especially the better models are manufactured with materials such as to be able to last in time and can be used in all tranquility and serenity in your own home for a long time, depending on the sturdiness of the shoe. Someone using slippers and hotel slippers every time you shower because, being a sponge, dry the foot, unlike plastic ones that will leave it damp and wet the floor. The slippers given away in a hotel or a wellness center are also held to remember a special trip, maybe without using them more for not risking sciuparle and preserve the memory forever.